Friday, January 10, 2014

For the Writers

Writers are dreamers. 
No matter what we do with our words and gift, we are dreamers. No matter if we write poetry or journalism, adventure, horror, fantasy, or even Amish romances.
We're still writers.
We're still dreamers
Writers are magpies.

We see things. We notice. We watch the wind blow in the trees. We see the strangers in the mall. We notice the odd, the absurd, and the beautiful.

We steal. Everything we read is tucked away in our head for later. Our brains our treasure troves, filled with snippets of conversation, images from daily life, and notes to self. It gets so stuffed we forget a lot that we see. Hence the piles of notebooks that usually fill our shelves.

We don’t see the world as a place. We see it as an adventure waiting to happen. We don’t see events as just happenings. We see them as possibilities. We don’t see life, we see stories. Everywhere. In every person on the street, in every loose scrap of paper on the floor, in every word said and feeling felt. The world is a bookstore of events and beauty, waiting to be expressed. 

Painters paint. They capture the beauty or darkness in life and express it through art. The capture feeling and wonder with brushstrokes and lines of pencil. Photographers snap every moment in a frozen picture of colors. They catch the story of the now in a single image that tells stories by itself.

As writers, we write. We take the moments we see, the pictures we hold in our hearts and we lay them out on paper. We use letters to paint pictures; black and white our paint colors. Our canvas is a computer. Notebooks. Lined paper, printing paper, or the back of an old receipt.

We pluck moments and words from life and we turn them into works of art that only some can enjoy. We collect. We horde each conversation, sentence, description and word until we find a way to use them.

I’m a teen writer. In the past people have told me my dream is useless. Or petty. People told me I was too young to do any real writing. When I said I was a writer, they smiled and say “How cute.”
It's different now. Bit by bit I am being treated as a writer. My friends have gotten used to be randomly getting over excited when i get an idea. They have grown used to be going on and on about my newest project. 
But i do now for a fact a lot of young writers don't get the respect they deserve.

A lot of people see writing for more than school assignments as a childhood whimsy. Like playing with dolls it will soon pass. They don’t see it as a real dream. A dream that burns inside, fueling you towards the best. Young writers have a magic other writers don’t. They have a different perspective; a different burning that pushes them forward.
It's that way when it comes to perspective
 We see each moment differently and interpret it in ways adults don't. Things like that change but as young writers, we have a secret power that is ours and ours alone. 

Things always change. Perspectives change. But writers who start young are special because they capture the change. They can go back in their pages of old drafts and notebooks and see the change mapped out before their eyes.
We have a power. No one has the right to tell us we can't dream.
If you are a young writer than you should write because you love to write. Not because you want to get rich, or because its an assignment. 
We write because it's what drives us, inspires us, what lifts us up just like it brings us down

We keep going. Because of our dreams.
Sometimes, we fall hard. Sometimes we don't pick ourselves up off the floor for a long time. But writing is in our blood so no matter how long it takes we will get back on our feet.
Because we’re writers. So we’ll keep doing what we've always done.

Write. Collect. Think. 


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  1. Ahhh yes, beautiful writing. Wonderful words. :D