Friday, March 28, 2014

My Writing Bookshelf Must Haves

HELLO. I feel like all I have been writing is useless rambling posts about things that don't make sense
So I am determined to write something useful




That sounded a lot less unspectacular than planned.

So. Basically i'm just going to show you my all time favorite books to have at my desk when I'm writing. Life. Savers. Keep in mind this does not include the 20+ notebooks and scribbling pages I have. Maybe I should do a post about those to...

Anyway I'll just start already

Go Teen Writers
by Stephanie Morril and Jill Williamson

Can I just say how much I love this book? It has completely turned around everything when it comes to writing. A complete must have. Must. Have. It's the perfect go to for story worlds, plots, sentences, and makes grammatical sentency stuff easy so your sentences flow. And the story world building <3 And I LOVE the outlining system

The Baby Name Wizard
Laura Wattenberg

This book is brilliant ok? Okay. I've tried a lot of Baby Name books, but this one is my favorite. The way its laid out is, there's pages and pages of a lot of the more common names, complete with origin and stuff. And it lists other names like that name. In the back there are rows and rows of easy to use lists of names like, "Modern Meanings." "Porch Sitters." "Medieval" etc. It's easy to use and great for the writer in search of the perfect name

Spilling Ink
by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter

This is the greatest book ever. Honestly. I've had this book since I was 12 and I still use it for writing. it's easy to use, easy to read, but so inspiring. Just reading one chapter will make you want to rush off in search of pen and paper. Must have.

The Pocket Muse and the Pocket Muse 2
Monica Wood

This is the most recent addition to my shelf and already I'm in love. Filled with beautiful photographs, pages of words, ideas, prompts and images, this book is the instant defeater of writers blocks. It's literally overflowing with ideas and inspiration. I cannot even begin to explain how helpful these are on dead days. Totally worth the purchase

The One Year Adventure Novel Curriculum

This is a Christian teen curriculum that has changed my life. Geared to Christian home school teenage writers, this curriculum walks you through writing an amazing adventure novel in one school year. This is my second year using it and I am not exaggerating when I say it has completely changed my writing. Forever. And my life, in ways that it's hard to explain. 

A Writers Workbook
by Caroline Sharp

I lost the cover so.... yeah.
This book is perfect for writers taking a break from novels, stories, or just with writers block. It has pages upon pages of unique quirky exercises made to get you writing. it's pretty straight forward, but very helpful.

The Writers Idea Book
Jack Heffron

I recently picked this up on the sale shelf at my library and so far have loved it. It's completely packed with ideas prompts galore. So far I've found few faults with it, though there are some prompts, ideas, and suggestions that don't work or apply to me. Even if you don't agree with everything, there are some great gems hidden in this book and I love having it on my shelf.

Complete Herbal
Terry Breverton

I don't even remember why I have this on my post.
But....I used it oddly a whole lot. More so in my current novel which includes a lot of herbal stuff, but it's full of herbal remedies which proved useful in fantasy and adventure stories.

Self Explanatory 

The Ultimate Survival Manual

A must have for adventure/spy writers. I've read a lot of survival manuals, but this one is the most easy to use and quickly find a certain situation your character finds themselves in. Like, you know, killer bees, crocodiles, office hold up etc. It covers wilderness, urban, and big disasters. Helpful for a variety of stories.

Juice Writing
Brigid Lowry

I have yet to actually... buy this one. But I've gotten from the library time and time again. It's a great go to for teen writers, complete with ideas, prompts, quirky entries about writing, and other advice. There are a few swears and bits that show that this writer is not a christian but nothing overly bad and it's proved useful for a good writing guide.

And there you have it. My Writing shelf.


  1. Very cool. ^ ^ I think I may buy some of these books myself lol. I have GTW. ;)

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Yep, they're great :) (GTW is my life)

  2. *rushes to library with crazed look in eyes*
    you have no idea how much i needed this post.