Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Loving Stories because Happy

Okay today I want to talk about stories and critiquing. That does not actually describe very well what I am going to talk about but I really cannot figure out how to sum it up (hence the weird blog title).

I fear that this will turn into one long post in which I barf many opinions.

But I will try to be very grown up and eloquent but I feel like that will not be the case. This is the first post in a long while where I actually just talk about opinions not random topics so we will see how it goes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September Favorites

[Photo by me]

Once more, this blog was a thing and then it was not a thing.

But for my large expanse of followers (coughcough...six), have no fear!
I've finally returned, determined to actually make this thing a good thing. I want to be professional about things for once, which means I will have to tuck away my love for caps lock in a deep dark cave where they will never be found (except my Smeagol...he lives in a cave).

Of course, for those of you who know me...this is me. So my grammar will not be perfect, and there is a very good chance there will be plenty of typos. I try, okay! I have left some of my posts from the past that I actually like, but most of them have been removed. I want to be a blogger! So let's do this.

Anyway, today I thought I'd start by posting some of my favorite things from the month of September. A lot of my favorite youtubers do monthly wrap ups, and seeing that I do not have a youtube, I will be using this blog. Hurrah!

Okay. Let's do this.

September was a very s l o w month but I did read some fun books and try some fun things. To see them all (and reviews) just check out my Goodreads account and see what I've been reading. As a side note, I never write eloquent reviews, so just a warning.