Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Loving Stories because Happy

Okay today I want to talk about stories and critiquing. That does not actually describe very well what I am going to talk about but I really cannot figure out how to sum it up (hence the weird blog title).

I fear that this will turn into one long post in which I barf many opinions.

But I will try to be very grown up and eloquent but I feel like that will not be the case. This is the first post in a long while where I actually just talk about opinions not random topics so we will see how it goes.

I have a very deep love for stories. I love books, I love movies, I love TV and songs and anything relating to story. I breathe stories. I make them. Everything in a way is a story in my head. I live for stories.

I think about a story I like and how amazing it makes me feel and I feel the sudden need to lay on the floor on my face because of STORY. That sounds ridiculous but it is a wonderful feeling. Loving something so much that it makes you unable to even describe how much you love it.

See, that makes no sense this is going to be a weird post.

But I want to try and make my points so I will get to it.

I love a very well written story. Classic literature, a well done movie, and the like. I do like picking apart a story, seeing what makes it work or not work... As a writer, it is important to look for those things.

But sometimes...I like something just for liking something.

I am going to use two examples.

First off. Frozen!

Frozen is not the greatest story I have ever seen. And yet every time I watch it I end up grinning like an idiot. Every time I listen to the soundtrack I feel so weirdly happy. Because...its not that the story is so well written it makes me happy, its other things. I love the characters, I love picking apart their stories and backgrounds and making the story better than the movie was, but it is not just that.

I saw the movie about 18 times now. While that might be a tad embarrassing I have surprisingly no shame. Every time I watch it, it makes me think of the very first time I saw it. Sitting in the theaters when the opening song comes on and marveling at how pretty it was. And I had seen none of the trailers so I laughed during the whole thing.
After that I saw it with my dad. We messed around in the car home, "singing" and laughing. I saw it with my friends every time creating a new memory.

So now when I watch it, I am reminded of how close I feel with my best friend. The times we watched it at one in the morning, acting it out with blankets. The time a group of friends sang the whole soundtrack on the last day of camp since none of us wanted to leave.

The whole movie makes me happy.

And that large ramble is the point I am trying to make. We can like things...just for liking things. We don't have to constantly pick apart everything.

I feel that way about certain shows.

Once Upon a Time. It is cheesy, random, and has terrible graphics. And yet I love it to death. I laugh at all the silliness and while people are ranting about how annoying it is for Anna and Elsa to be in it, it doesn't bother me because I am not watching it to be a good show.

There is so much harshness in this world. I'm not talking about stories, but everything else. There's really a lot of nasty stuff in this world and sometimes I really need a smile. And fandoms give me that.

Sometimes in the midst of the stress of life, you need to take a break from everything and do something you love just because you love it.

People who judge me for liking a movie for whatever reason really tick me off. So what if I like Disney!? Okay maybe you hate it for whatever reason but people can like things, alright? Every single person in this world is different and every single person in this world like different things. There is nothing wrong with the fact that I like that one thing. If in your opinion its terrible than so be it.

These stories give me life. I know some of the books I read will never be classics. Some of them are silly and far from literary. But I love them. I love the way I can relate to these characters. How I lose myself in these stories. How just words on a page make me feel.

Don't get me wrong. I love well written books. I cherish them. I will continue to review books and movies and pick them apart. We all should continue searching for those amazing books. At the same time, its okay to like something just because it made you feel something. Because it made you smile, because it hit you. Because you read it at just the right time in your life to mean something. The most obscure stories can do the biggest things.

It's okay to watch that movie that has all the problems reviewers pick apart just because at the end your so in love with the characters and the emotions in the stories you feel so unexplainably happy.

Different things will do that to different people and that's all okay. Maybe you find joy in tearing apart everything and this all is a load of rubbish to you. If you find great happiness in tearing apart stories, than have at it. I'm not going to sit here and judge you. But please...try to never think lowly of someone because of what they like. That very story you find cliche and stupid...may be the one story that gave that person a sense of happiness when they felt overwhelmed with life.

Alright. that was a very long and rambly post so I apologize if that made no sense or filled you with a huge feeling of anger and desire to watch my soul burn. This is just what I believe and I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't even make sense at all.

Happy fall!

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