Monday, November 17, 2014

Another NaNo Update!


I have been lazy.

Hence the reason I never posted forever. I have just not been able to write anything. But today I got a lot done so, here's the stuff for the last few days.

I have reached 30k, pretty much! Crazy. Took me a very long time but I am all caught up *high fives self*
I am also very tired

Like. I have lost any idea of what this novel is even about. What IS it about? Feelings? Angst? Plots that make no sense? Repeating the same word so you can up your word count?

Luckily, it is moving along steadily, so it will be getting exciting soooooon.

Favorite bit:
“She was seven. She was small, and sweet. She was a dreamer. And she got me, I guess. She didn’t know anything about the way life was. We had a whole two seasons together. And she was so little and lonely…too lonely for being young. And I made a difference. She made a difference to me. She loved me and I loved her. But then… more months went by and I began to drift away. And she drifted away. And she eventually forgot about me. And now I’m this way and I’m forgotten. And with this, and everything else…it’s all stupid. Being loved is so weird. Everything seems so perfect. And then they leave. I have seen firsthand why you should never let yourself love anyone. Because they hurt you.”


“I see everyone. Everyone needs to be seen.”
And she was right.
He didn’t expect her to notice him. But he was glad. Because what use was he if no one could see him?

And that would be the day she realized that real best friends always left. But what made the real was that eventually they came back.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Writing is hard- NaNo Log Day 11

I am so done writing. And it's day 11. And I am still behind. I DO NOT WANT TO DO WORDS ANYMORE. How do you type?

Written today: 3,011
Overall count:  18,442

Monday, November 10, 2014

NaNoWriMo Daily Log 5-10

Weeeeeeeeeee! Did you miss me?

If you are wondering why I never posted anything it is because I did not write.

Pretty much.  Words. Are. So. Hard.

I wrote YESTERDAY but not before that.

I really don't have a good excuse other than being blocked up.

Actually this gif pretty much describes the last few days,

Literally though

Anywayyyyy here are the stats for the last two days!

Words written Day Nine: around 2k
Words Written Day Ten (so far):  2,592 (But I will be writing more)
Word Count: 15,064

Favorite bits: 

Hopefully this time our means of having a good time did not involve vandalism. 

It was weird and made me feel oddly sad. Sad because I wished it could always be like this. My brain always liked the ruin good moments. I guess I didn’t fully realize it was a good moment. It was a weird out of the blue thing.
One of those moment your didn’t realize was good because you’re head passed it off as a normal day. And you didn’t realize it was actually good until you’re in bed later thinking about everything at once and wishing you could spend every day so easily. 

The dead were no mystery. No secret. They were what they were. The aftereffect of life. Death, an accepted part of existence and yet everyone feared it. No one even stopped to think about how there was no escaping it. It would always come. In fact, even where you were alive it was with you. It was there in the ground, behind you, hidden in the bushes, shriveling apart all that existed.
And no one ever saw it. No one saw it coursing through what was created. Everyone thought there was only life in all around them.
Death was ignored by the living. Until they became dead themselves and wondered how they had missed it.

I have spent the last day or two off and on. Writing life is hard.



Am I writing this post so I don't actually have to work on my story?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Favorites

Ok, I read quite a lot in October, which is funny because I have read not a single book the last three weeks.

But October was a really fun month. I read a pretty good amount, planned my novel, and had a fabulous Halloween

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NaNoWriMo Daily Log Day 4

Favorite bit: It was without a doubt that strange things were happening in our city. No one was scared… no one was not. It was a truth that we all woke up to. Everything was going wrong, but everything was alright.

Word Count: 10,052

Why am i tired? I had COFFEE at 9 at night and ate all day

but tired

Really slow day. It's day four and I am already done with this story.

Just writing and hating it and expecting MORE from yourself but you're tired. And you tell your brain STOP BEING PERFECTIONIST UR BEAUTIFUL.
Then brain be all nopeeee.

I love my friends though google hangouts =life

We basically got no writing done. We did draw on eachothers faces a lot.

BUT I FOUND NEW MUSIC. You+Me. Their album. Is. gorgeous *weeps*

Now. I have to do the insane walk from my desk three feet to my bed. Whoa. Writing life is hard.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Being a Writer - NaNo log Day 3

Well I got about nothing done today. Still, I'm at 7k and have some "eloquent" thoughts to share. I put eloquent in air quotes because honestly what sort of eloquent thoughts can you come up with running on a few hours of sleep

Okay. I really love being a writer? Sitting on my desk in my Mutts pajamas and doctor who t shirt, procrastinating my novel, shoving my face with grilled cheese and tomato soup and plenty of hHalloweencandy. Also not writing and instead google chatting with my favorite crazy writer people who ramble about stories and talk about feels and make me feel at home. we're all crazy food loving teens in denial and writing our ideas and dreams and feelings we understand or want to understand and weaving our lives into broken and spilled words that remind us of everything we know, desire, or wonder about.

It's a beautiful thing.

NaNoWriMo Log Day's 1 & 2

*whispers* NaNoWriMo has begun

That's right. Stop your procrastinating, grab that half finished outline and open your laptops. 

NaNoWriMo for all those who are all NaNoWhatNow?

NaNoWriMo is an event in which a bunch on insane lunatics across the universe set to write 50,000 words in one month.

I'm actually not that exhausted? I was starting to slow down yesterday because I honestly had NO idea where I was headed with this novel.


Get this.

Totally at 6k right now and it's day three.