Monday, November 17, 2014

Another NaNo Update!


I have been lazy.

Hence the reason I never posted forever. I have just not been able to write anything. But today I got a lot done so, here's the stuff for the last few days.

I have reached 30k, pretty much! Crazy. Took me a very long time but I am all caught up *high fives self*
I am also very tired

Like. I have lost any idea of what this novel is even about. What IS it about? Feelings? Angst? Plots that make no sense? Repeating the same word so you can up your word count?

Luckily, it is moving along steadily, so it will be getting exciting soooooon.

Favorite bit:
“She was seven. She was small, and sweet. She was a dreamer. And she got me, I guess. She didn’t know anything about the way life was. We had a whole two seasons together. And she was so little and lonely…too lonely for being young. And I made a difference. She made a difference to me. She loved me and I loved her. But then… more months went by and I began to drift away. And she drifted away. And she eventually forgot about me. And now I’m this way and I’m forgotten. And with this, and everything else…it’s all stupid. Being loved is so weird. Everything seems so perfect. And then they leave. I have seen firsthand why you should never let yourself love anyone. Because they hurt you.”


“I see everyone. Everyone needs to be seen.”
And she was right.
He didn’t expect her to notice him. But he was glad. Because what use was he if no one could see him?

And that would be the day she realized that real best friends always left. But what made the real was that eventually they came back.

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