Monday, November 3, 2014

Being a Writer - NaNo log Day 3

Well I got about nothing done today. Still, I'm at 7k and have some "eloquent" thoughts to share. I put eloquent in air quotes because honestly what sort of eloquent thoughts can you come up with running on a few hours of sleep

Okay. I really love being a writer? Sitting on my desk in my Mutts pajamas and doctor who t shirt, procrastinating my novel, shoving my face with grilled cheese and tomato soup and plenty of hHalloweencandy. Also not writing and instead google chatting with my favorite crazy writer people who ramble about stories and talk about feels and make me feel at home. we're all crazy food loving teens in denial and writing our ideas and dreams and feelings we understand or want to understand and weaving our lives into broken and spilled words that remind us of everything we know, desire, or wonder about.

It's a beautiful thing.

It's messy and crazy. I have outlines and half finished novel sketches laying around everywhere. i have overly organized pinterests boards and spotify playlists...sketches.... papers taped to my walls and jars of nutella and pencils everywhere.

It's ridiculous? And strange? And I create messy and weird words. I write my life and feelings into everything. The strange, the dark, the adorable...the bizzare. mainly the bizarre.

And I don't just write stories? I write insanity? And poems? And ramblings that make no sense to know one but I love. Or hate. I hate a lot of things. 


I don't make sense. 

And its /amazing/

^It all makes sense I swear

OKAY. I'm at 7k right now.

Favorite bit: “You don’t understand, Ren. You don’t realize what I’m trying to say.” She waved her hands at the sky, as if it would help her explain better. “It’s the dead. The dead….they’re coming back.”



You know writing i pretty cool I can be all hey life is lame but then make my characters suffer and then it'll mean something. people don't always get it but it's my life and I love charries and death and looking up how to solve crimes and dress head wounds on google

writing is life and I hate it and love it

I also love cheese

goodnight I guess, my potatoes

have good dreams of happy blankets

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