Monday, November 10, 2014

NaNoWriMo Daily Log 5-10

Weeeeeeeeeee! Did you miss me?

If you are wondering why I never posted anything it is because I did not write.

Pretty much.  Words. Are. So. Hard.

I wrote YESTERDAY but not before that.

I really don't have a good excuse other than being blocked up.

Actually this gif pretty much describes the last few days,

Literally though

Anywayyyyy here are the stats for the last two days!

Words written Day Nine: around 2k
Words Written Day Ten (so far):  2,592 (But I will be writing more)
Word Count: 15,064

Favorite bits: 

Hopefully this time our means of having a good time did not involve vandalism. 

It was weird and made me feel oddly sad. Sad because I wished it could always be like this. My brain always liked the ruin good moments. I guess I didn’t fully realize it was a good moment. It was a weird out of the blue thing.
One of those moment your didn’t realize was good because you’re head passed it off as a normal day. And you didn’t realize it was actually good until you’re in bed later thinking about everything at once and wishing you could spend every day so easily. 

The dead were no mystery. No secret. They were what they were. The aftereffect of life. Death, an accepted part of existence and yet everyone feared it. No one even stopped to think about how there was no escaping it. It would always come. In fact, even where you were alive it was with you. It was there in the ground, behind you, hidden in the bushes, shriveling apart all that existed.
And no one ever saw it. No one saw it coursing through what was created. Everyone thought there was only life in all around them.
Death was ignored by the living. Until they became dead themselves and wondered how they had missed it.

I have spent the last day or two off and on. Writing life is hard.



Am I writing this post so I don't actually have to work on my story?

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