Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NaNoWriMo Daily Log Day 4

Favorite bit: It was without a doubt that strange things were happening in our city. No one was scared… no one was not. It was a truth that we all woke up to. Everything was going wrong, but everything was alright.

Word Count: 10,052

Why am i tired? I had COFFEE at 9 at night and ate all day

but tired

Really slow day. It's day four and I am already done with this story.

Just writing and hating it and expecting MORE from yourself but you're tired. And you tell your brain STOP BEING PERFECTIONIST UR BEAUTIFUL.
Then brain be all nopeeee.

I love my friends though google hangouts =life

We basically got no writing done. We did draw on eachothers faces a lot.

BUT I FOUND NEW MUSIC. You+Me. Their album. Is. gorgeous *weeps*

Now. I have to do the insane walk from my desk three feet to my bed. Whoa. Writing life is hard.

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