Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Favorites

Ok, I read quite a lot in October, which is funny because I have read not a single book the last three weeks.

But October was a really fun month. I read a pretty good amount, planned my novel, and had a fabulous Halloween

Here is the complete list!

Falling into place: Suffering and FEELS

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea- FREAKY???

The Isobel Journal- So much love

Panic- Underwhelmed?

Dramarama- Mixed feelings

Roomies- Reallynteresting and fun
That Time I joined the circus- Like...I'm in love
AJ Fikry- Love? So many books
Blood of Olympus- SOMEONE HOLD ME
Sisters- cute
Smile- cuter and cutest
Poisoned Apples- like thought provoking and harsh

Okay now on to my favorites.


In love? For some crazy reasons oh my goodness. Here is my rambling review!
Full of the magic of circuses and cities and the perfect playlists and friendship and discovery. WITHOUT BEING OVERLY CLICHE. Definitely a hidden gem I'm glad I found on the shelves.

An amazingly amazing read that I had trouble reviewing. A great book for booklovers. Feel good and heartwarming. The power of stories and people and the effect they can have in our lives.

Amazing story with amazing illustrations. IN LOVE. A really nice feel good story that wasn't even a /story/.

What a flippin adorable read. It perfectly described the awkward transition from middle school to highschool, and will make you smile. A really cute read. 

Now on to other favorites :3 


How to Train your Dragon soundtracks. 

I Won't Let You Down - OK GO This video is amazing the ENDINGGG

My music tastes amuse me. I go from soundtracks, to indie, to broadway, to rock to quiet mellow music. 


How to Train your Dragon 2 - 

From Time to Time
A random gem of a movie we started and I love lots!

Food and misc:

Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea 
Herberts Lemonade- Mango Flavored
PLAID DRESSES AND SKIRTS. Because Clara Oswald and Fall.

Okay all of that was awfully random. That's all for October. Hope you all had a great month!

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