Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Writing is hard- NaNo Log Day 11

I am so done writing. And it's day 11. And I am still behind. I DO NOT WANT TO DO WORDS ANYMORE. How do you type?

Written today: 3,011
Overall count:  18,442

Favorite bits:
“I am perfectly happy reading in my room until I’m old enough to house of my own in which I live alone with cats,” I said.

“Well if that is the case, we will be sure to visit with litter boxes and care packages.” Mom said. “In the meantime, you’re getting a job.”


So. Yes. I am so done writing.

I am getting to emotional pretty parts but I feel so behind????? Even though I am caught up. WOOT WOOT.

Still. This novel I am in love with. It's really a matter of writing it. Hopefully I will have a really good day soon and get ahead. 

I am just so done writing what I am writing. I feel like I am not giving my story justice. 

I guess that's an important lesson though. You are NEVER going to get your stories full potential in the first draft. it's going to stink and smell and look gross. And you're going to want to give up.

But you write it. And you FINISH it. That means you DID A THING. You did a thing so many people want to do and don't. Then you can pick it apart chapter by chapter. Polish it up as slowly as you want. Because you finished it. In 30 days to.

This is an amazing story you have. And granted, you are rushing it. But rushing is a good way to FINISH it. not a good way to perfect it. So quit fussing over wording and typos. Write the story. Imagine it all  pretty. And after it has been finished and has sat on your desk for a while, pick it up. Read it. Revisit these stories. Change it how you like, bit by bit. Print off the first two pages. Edit them until they shine. Keep going until the book is done.

Let it sit.

Do it again.

If this story is really your baby, then work with it. Don't try and make it perfect all at once. Get it made. Then you can fix it.

So go write. WE CAN DO THE THING.

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