Monday, December 15, 2014

Coffee Painting!

It was the common everday event.

I made some coffee, I slumped into my office chair, and stared at my Logic workbook until the words blended together. I read a few pages in the book I'm reading, answered a few questions, and added a few songs to my spotify playlist. i chatted with my mom, heated up some leftovers, and continued to stare at my workbook.

And by that point, my coffee had gone cold. Of course I could do the natural thing and heat it up. But I've been in an artsy mood and I'd just seen a tutorial on coffee painting on pinterest.

And so now, a hour later, I am pleased with the results of cold coffee.

Here's the proceess.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Art and Passions... Why do we Continue?

I recently sent in my finished NaNo book to be printed in book form, just for the fun of it and so I have a copy to mark up. During the process of formatting, I found an article walking you through self-publishing steps. 

And then I read it. 

Basically, this one part of the article said: "If you're a terrible writer, than why waste the money pursuing this? If you're a good writer, just make sure you do it right,"

And that made me full of unspeakable anger.

So basically if I stink at something I shouldn't do it? Yes, quite possibly they meant practice more. But saying it like that sounds awfully like "Hey. You suck. Don't waste your money,"

So in this post I want to discuss many questions we face in pursuing our passions:

  •  Why do I do this? 
  • Why is this worth it?
  • Why do I waste my money and time?
  • Why do I continue if I'm so bad at this? 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

November Favorites

And now it is time to write my November Favorites post. It's been a pretty fun month, though slow in the reading aspect,

But, I finished a full 60k word long novel so that's pretty great too?

As for reading, I read three real novels and three graphic novels, so it was a slow month.

Still, I will share with you my favorite things for the month of November!

Life During NaNoWriMo

Yeah It's the 6th of December and I am finally writing about NaNo. Especially given I barely even did my "Daily" Posts during the month. This is what happens when I have to do things.


Are you seeing this?

I did it. I reached 60k in one month. And as you can see I did a crappy job of writing daily. But I did it! I did it! I have never been more proud of any novel that I have ever written.

Okay. Now I have things to say.

First off....this month I have made two of the greatest friends I could ever ask for. On a regular basis they stayed up with me until wee hours of the morning writing. I never would have done this without them, and I am so lucky and thankful to have met them.

It's funny how being stupid and trying to write this much in a month teaches you.

I learned how little tiny 100 word steps make a difference.

I learned that midnight writing actually comes up with some good stuff.

I learned that perseverance and a good playlist can help me do anything.

I learned a lot about writing and formatting...and even though this is my third year doing this I honestly think this years NaNoWriMo changed my writing. A lot.