Tuesday, December 9, 2014

November Favorites

And now it is time to write my November Favorites post. It's been a pretty fun month, though slow in the reading aspect,

But, I finished a full 60k word long novel so that's pretty great too?

As for reading, I read three real novels and three graphic novels, so it was a slow month.

Still, I will share with you my favorite things for the month of November!


All the Light we Cannot See 
by Anthony Doerr

I have no words at all. What an amazing Historical read. I will hopefully be posting a review on my book review blog soon. One of the best books I have read this year. (Edit: See my review here!)

Tales From Outer Suburbia 
By Shaun Tan

This book is unexplainable and filled with thoughts and time and ethereal thoughts and feelings that you have to sit and think about and look at over and over again and I feel so... amazingly confused and curious and weirdly empty now that it's over?

By Rainbow Rowell

A flippin adorable book. Funny and ridiculous and improbable. Will warm your heart and make you squeal.

And that's it for books!

Music I've been playing on repeat all month:

The whole Taylor Swift album, which cannot be found anywhere right now. Worth the purchase though, has some great songs. Very un country and less pop as expected.

Heres: Blank Space

More How to Train your Dragon?
Not a whole lot this month, seeing as I was so caught up with NaNo. But it was a fun month! Hope it was a great month for you to. 

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