Saturday, January 3, 2015

More Coffee Painting + Doodles

I have checked off "Make a painting ever week" for this week and my resolutions. Once more I returned to coffee painting, this time choosing the inside of the TARDIS as my subject matter.

Click on this post link where I talk about the process more in detail.

My latest piece:

The Sketch Stage

Laying on the first layers on the tree-like things.

The Background! This part was so tricky

Starting the work on the console and floor

I used the end of the brush to scrape lines onto the floor. I also did some more darkening and detailing.


I'm quite happy that I shut down my computer for a little while and actually did some art.

Some other doodles from the past week:

Out Of the Woods

Where No One Goes

 Genderbent Sam and Dean

It's been a fun few weeks of doodling and painting. My sketchbooks are finally being used!

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