Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cosplay Wish List

In this post I am going to be dumping my plans for cosplays, or cosplays I really want to make or finish.

Coming up I will be posting my experience at Comic Con, and about our awesome costumes. I am going as Elsaba, a combination of Elphaba and Elsa, and my mom made a killer Idris dress.

I also have some cool historical cosplays, a Clara Oswald cosplay, and a fantasy warrior person cosplay that I'll be sure to post about.

But for now, here's what I very much want to do.


Fem!Mad Hatter

I want to go crazy with this. I love the look of the dress above, and I definitely could go crazy at the thrift store to make it.

Fem!Han Solo

Would this not be adorable? I recently re-watched the Star Wars movies, and realized just how much I love them.And Han Solo. Yes please.

Fem!Henry Morgan

Forever has easily become of of my favorite shows, and Henry Morgan is such a lovable character. I'd love to have fun with coats and scarves and go all out with this. I already have the greatest vest.


I have the coat and dress. I just need some killer wings for this costume.

Fem!Winter Soldier

I want to do this one so bad. I could totally pull off the hair and I just think this would be so fun.


Renaissance Faerie!

I desperately want to go all out and have fun with this, making a super cute gypsy-like fairy.

Steampunk Disney

Whether it's Ariel, Tink, or Belle, I think Steampunk disney princesses are some stellar costumes, and definitely on my costume to make list.


Anna's Coranation Dress

This one would be intense, but I love how swirly it is. I look forward to going crazy with it.

Assassins Creed or Skyrim

It's very challenging to find one that's not low cut and mini skirt-ified, but I am determined that one day I will have a kick butt but fiercely feminine costume from one of these games.

Or Portal. That too,

Red or Cinderella from Into the Woods

Both of these costumes would be so fun to wear. Cinderella's would be quiet intense but so gorgeous when complete. And it's also an excuse to go around singing. Not that I ever needed one before.

And those are my favorites so far! Let me know down below what you are wanting to cosplay as in the future.

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