Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finished and In Process Animated Character Cosplay

I'm just going to jump right in. :3

Rapunzel- Tangled

My Rapunzel Cosplay took more planning but once we had it figured out it was simple. We went with a simplified version of the original dress, but stuck with the basic bits. The little Pascal purse we got at the disney store, and I'm pretty sure we have a cast iron frying pan lying around for hitting thieves in the head with.

Here's a pic from a workshop with my mom cosplaying Gothel and a friend cosplaying Flynn

Hiccup-How to Train your Dragon

My Hiccup Cosplay was basically made from thrift store finds. We found this great vest with a fur lining we turned inside out and some perfect slippers. Toothless was purchased online, and I used a green shirt and brown pants I already had and tied a scarf around my waist.

The Astrid cosplay consisted of a felt and stud skirt put over a plain brown skirt, and a red shirt. We went with the long sleeve shirt since Halloween season is...well... cold. 

The shoulder armor was made out of foam and studs, and both our weapons were made out of cardboard, wood, duct tape, and paint. Her boots were actually some of my old uggs with the tops rolled down to look like fur.  The little skulls on her shoulder and belt were shaped from homemade salt clay, painted, and strung on a string or attached to the shoulder pieces. The shields were made out of two pot lids covered in card board, paint, and duct tape.

Very successful improv cosplay!

Minion - Despicable me:

Another very improv Halloween cosplay, because I HAVE to have something different for party and the actual day! Also, my friend in the above pictures is the cutest Boo ever.

This one was very simple. The shirt was a thrift store find, the dress a old maternity (sh!) dress found at a thrift store that we dyed to make it darker.The leggings and hat my mom sewed for me,and the glasses were made out of two jar lids and elastic! I used my own boots and gloves.

All in all it was very comfy and cute. 

In Process:

Here we have the starts to a Anna and Elsa cosplay. The Elsa dress is one we bought at a thrift store that needs some altering, and the Anna one just needs some embroidery and a cape.

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