Tuesday, March 3, 2015

January+February Favorites

excuse the crappy picture I had no creativity at all today and pic monkey was being dumb

Wow. So I haven't done a favorite post in far too long. So I'm just going to combines the last two months into one lovely little post. Woot.

It's been a pretty fun last few months! I've read some really good books, re-did my room, met some amazing authors, planned for summer some more, and all sorts of exciting stuffs.

So let's get into it. Because my favorites are important and everyone definitely needs to know.


Shouldn't be suprsing for anyone who knows me. I. Love. This. Book. Clicky title to see review. 


IT'S SO GOOD. And freaky. You can find more of her comics here.

The others are obvious, Blue Lily, which is Book three in the raven cycle, but I'm not going to include it because it doesn't count. Because honestly it goes without saying that it'd be a favorite.


Guys it's really good. Like. Really. Good. Go listen. Now. My top five are:

Fall Out Boy will always be my favorite, of course, but really. This album is great.

Top five:

My friend showed me this soundtrack and I've been in love ever since. I have yet to watch the movie, but let me just say how good this soundtrack is. I love it. A lot.

Top five:

also I Suppose That Was a Prayer but this one is mainly talking. Just. The music.

Stunning. That is all. My favorite is Stay and Mountains
Hans Zimmer will never cease to amaze me.

Random Song Favorites:

Youtube Favorites

This is the cutest short ever, guys. Ever. 

COUGH COUGH. I like this.

Also I have been obsessed with theseee videos. Because WICKED. If you like Wicked, just watch them.

I've also been obsessed with spoken word poetry. Here's a good start:

And my top three:

Wow. This post is getting long. I'll try and wrap it up.


*cries softly in corner*.

This movie had my favorite things.
1: A lottttt of feelings
2: Made me cry
3: Good characters
4: Strong females
5: Crazy weird plot
6: Amazing soundtrack

It was so good. So so good.

Then of course I finally jumped on the pitch perfect bandwagon. Ahhhh I love this so much. The Music. And the feelings. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. More of my favorite things.

1: Humor
2: Singing
3: Big otp
4: Favorite actresses

Pretty sure that's it! That was a long post, wasn't it. See you next month! Or, at the pace I'm going, in two months.

Oh, and seeing how this is addressing things that happen this month...let me just say....

The dress is white and gold.

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