Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Fairest Release Party+ Linh Cinder Cosplay

Recently I got the amazing experience to go the Fairest Release party! Fairest is the fourth book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and it is fabulous. I took this opportunity to go all out in a Linh Cinder cosplay, which I will record here.

Sadly, I lost a lottt of my photos from process of making my glove which is saddening. But I still have some great shots.

Book characters are very fun to make cosplays from, simply because it's so easy to take freedoms with it. Most pictures of Cinder I found had her in cargo pants and a t shirt, but I wanted to do a little bit more with it to make it more of a costume and less of something I would wear anyway.

The dress I actually used from my minion costume put over a green T, and the over shirt was one I've had. The tool belt was my dads which proved very helpful for carrying exciting things. 

The above picture is not my costume,  just so you know.

I used many photos from a cosplay from Homestuck many people have made for reference.

These two links proved very helpful for making it

Some close ups:

The basic process consisted of getting a old glove and painting it slightly with gray acrylic paint. Not ideal, but sadly this was a bit last minute.

I then used the above patterns to get an idea of how to cut out the pieces to properly fit around my hand. I did a lot of adjusting and changing, but the worked for the most part. I cut the pieces out of plain craft foam and hot glued them to the glove while it was on my hand to make sure they fit snugly and perfectly. 

I attatched little rivets to the knucles in the gaps between the foam to make it look more mechanial. I glued some wires attatching the fingers to the main upper hand to make it even cooler. 

The lower foam pieces i stuck some rivets into, but mainly I used hot glue to attatch small little dots to look like bolts. I used brads to make bigger bolts. These pieces were then glued onto the glove.

I cut basic pieces to fit my hand for the underneath, and used hot glue to make bolt like above.

All of this was painted with silver paint mixed with gray. That was dabbed with black paint then wiped off so the metal looked more realistic 

The Release Party!

There were so many marvelous cosplays there. It was such an amazing night!

Marissa was insanely nice to everyone, stopping and taking time with everyone who come up with stacks of books.

And she came out on stage like this. So.

My two friends made the greatest Scarlet and Cress to go with my Cinder. It was such a fun night.

Thank you, Marissa, for such awesome books and a really great night! I'm already making plans for the Winter party. Chances are I will be going all out as Levana.

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