Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pathetically Small Log of Comic Con

Yes. Our first comic con. Comic Con, geek central. Never have I gone and wow. I am amazed by people who survive all three days of that crazy weekend. The amount of costumes I saw were phenomenal.

You can see our costume logs here: Elsaba and Idris!

We were pretty darn cute!

As mentioned above, I went as a mashup of Dark!Elsa (Frozen) and Elphaba (Wicked), mom went as Idris and my dad went as the Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

The walk there was crazy. I always pity those people who have no idea what Comic Con is. They are probably wondering why the heck a bunch of grown adults are walking around as storm troopers.

But look! A fellow Elsaba!

I don't have many photos from the day, but here are some favorites.

Disney fan meet-up

Relationship goals anyone???

And all the Frozen Girls. Woot!

It was an absolutely insane

And to say we were tired at the end was an understatement.

Well. Will we go again? Of course. Costume planning started the moment we left the building.