Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cosplay: Elsaba - Elphaba+Elsa Mashup

Wicked, the broadway play, is basically my love and life. The amount of which I love this play is absurd. And of course, I am such a sucker for Frozen. Yes, I swear if someone sings a cover to Let It Go one more time I will scream, but I still love the movie.

And, naturally, since the are both played by the queen herself, Idina Menzel, there have been many mashups. 

So. Costume? I think yes.

I don't have very many photos of the sketching process, but it was clear from the start what I wanted. That phenomenal skirt, and the Elsa top, all in shade of black and blues and purples.

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The top:

We tried.

No I am serious. We tried so hard to sew our own tops. 


Use stretchy fabric for the sleeves.

The fabric we chose was gorgeous but would not lay right. At all. 

But we persevered. We used paint and glitter for the sleeves, using the basic Elsa sleeve design.

Like this:

Originally we were going to alter and sew our own bodice.

Haha yeah. Well a week from comic con, it wasn't working. We panicked, went to the thrift store, found this hideous greenpurpleblue corset bodice thing and took it home. After dying it, it turned this gorgeous purple color showed below. It fit perfectly. 

Best decision ever. Don't be afraid to just buy things.

This next part took forever. We had seen many ways of doing this. A lot of them used sequins.

We wanted a more subtle look, so mom had the brilliant idea to just get ribbon. I started with blacks blue and purples, but eventually added in greens and brows. Every piece was cut and the cut sides were glued and dipped in glitter.

It was a long process. 

ANOTHER HELPFUL NOTE: You will get glitter everywhere. Especially when you use extra fine glitter.

After that, I used clear glue that is actually used to seal in paint and stuff pretty sure. I glued and stuck the "sequins"all over the bodice we had.

The result was gorgeous.

I have few photos of the process, but this is the finished piece, though blurry. Genius? I think so. The sleeve part was then sewn on standard Elsa style.

The skirt:

We collected fabric like crazy. Like. The amount of fabric we got is ridiculous. 

We were planning on a full skirt, but then found out that the original skirt is fitted, then flared out at the bottom. We took a basic black skirt from the store and sewed in the flare at the bottom, and then started laying out the strips.

It took forever. All of the thank goes to my mom.

Most of the strips were torn, which made it very frayed and cool. Again, few photos of the process, but it was stunning. This was actually easy to find fabric for, because we used ribbon, strips from old clothes, lace, fabric, and we used very little "fresh" fabric.

99 cent day at thrift stores was our friend.

And the finished result? Fab. I got hair extensions, went crazy with hairspray for that Elsa braid, and the cape we made with basic drapey black fabric that had sequins all over it. We used velcro to attach it, and also attached hooks so I could pin it up and not step all over it. We also added loops to the side so I could loop it over and finger and make it go SWOOOSH.

Defy that gravity.

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