Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cosplay: Idris from Doctor Who

Well. Three months ago mom and I had our first Comic Con experience! I totally was a loser and forgot to post anything.

So at last, I will post about our costumes.

My mother has wanted to cosplay Idris, from the DW episode"The Doctors Wife" since she first watched it in 2013. We've been collecting fabric since then.

For a while she just collected fabrics the right colors at the thrift store. When it came closer to Comic Con and mom knew this is what she wanted to go as, she just ordered fabric,

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Now, my mom is a perfectionist. When I said she tired and toiled over the perfect fabric, I mean it. The amount of time she spent dying things to the perfect color, and tracking the perfect webbing, was insane.

Eventually, we found this stuff here.

She wanted just the right swirly fabric for the bodice, and I have to say this is pretty darn close

But of course that wasn't good enough for her and she had to dye the fabric until it was just right.

I don't have any insight into her dying process. It's beyond me.


Most Idris costume we found had a zipper, but to pay a tribute to the Victorian-esque style of it, mom sewed it with lacing, corset style. She cut the different strips in order to make it more fitted. Just a basic corset style, nothing overly crazy.

And below is when she added all the ties and bows.

I'd love to explain more detail what she did but I don't understand it myself.

The skirt was a little more straight forward.

The fabrics were dyed and fussed with until the were the right colors, then sewn in strips along the bottom. The strips and bows on the bodice were torn and stitched on next. And then the little bows around the wrists. Mom went detail crazy. 

The Idris dress itself changes colors a lot. In the show, it looks a lot bluer, so a lot of Idris cosplays have been more bright. Mom went closer to the actual colors, and someone at the convention said they have seen the original costume and mom's looked the closest he's ever seen. #mombragging

 Underneath, she used this orange skirt we got at the thrift store as the perfect petticoat.

 After that....well I have never seen someone stress over a sash that much. Mom is still not happy with it, but I think she should be because she dyed velvet over and over to get it the right shade.

In the end, the costume was pretty darn awesome. 

Other details. Hair ribbon was basic tulle, the boots were mine. The hair itself took a lot of hairspray.  But my mom has the perfect hair for this cosplay.

Dad came in just a basic coat and shirt from thrift store, and the bow tie and screwdriver from amazon.

                                                                            Nailed it?

I think so.

(my mom>everyone)

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